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Leafs Solve Kap Issues?

After failing to make the playoffs and now entering the off season, the Buds have many issues to address. Cap space and defence seems to be the focal point, although Dweebas has reassured Leafs' nation that he plans to stay the course with his analytical approach to building this team that's destined for a cup. He may appear composed behind his pop-bottle glasses but this early off season move shows he is feeling the heat. Sending Kapanen to Pittsburgh for a first rounder isn't exactly what we meant with fixing cap issues but it could be a very small start.

Kapanen's name has been on the trading block for awhile now. Likely when Leafs' nation dubbed him "Scrapanen" after becoming one of the few Buds who fought this season - although his self-given nickname has a much better ring to it.

If it can't be quantified on a spreadsheet, Kyle sees no value. Dubas dumped Kadri for his edgy playing style that is now thriving on a cup contender in Colorado and I wouldn't be surprised if Leaf fans feel that same regret with this trade. Scrapanen played a pivotal role on the PK and could consistently get 40 points at 3.2m a year. He had huge playoff games against Boston and Washington on a team that has no playoff success. We can chalk this move up as clearing cap space but that 3.2m isn't weighing us down like the four forwards who we've dedicated 50% of the salary cap to.

I'm NOT a math guy but it doesn't take an economic expert to know that 4 out of the 20 players on a roster getting half the team pay is bad business. Until Marner and Nylander pack their bags, we will be handcuffed to this problem for a handful of years. We can't afford to pay Mitch like a top 10 player when he may crack the top 25 and as for Nylander - take him or leave him.

Then again, what do I know? It's not like I just took my team to the championship of a summer youth hockey tournament this past weekend.

But this isn't about me and the numerous coaching accolades I have collected over my years as a minor hockey coach. Even if I did earn an All-Star nod my first year behind the bench.

This is about reviving one of the greatest franchises in sport. Clearing up 3.2m and getting a first rounder is a start but we did receive another winger in Evan Rodrigues coming in at 2m. Although sources at BBM say Leafs won't be resigning the RFA this summer. Critics feel he has not been the same player since losing to my Neil McNeil Maroons back in the 2009 TDCAA Junior Varsity semi-finals.

Paying young, unproven players tens of millions of dollars is only the move a young, unproven GM would do. But unless real changes occur this off season, we can expect identical results when the playoffs come around. Kyle told media this is only the start of a busy summer. But if this was the first transaction - I'll remain a skeptic.

The only solution. Time to defund the Maple Leafs.

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