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Raps Scratch And Klaw Their Way Through The Process

That look on Joel Embiid's face is one far too familiar for Raptor fans. A team and fan base that has built an identity around being lovable losers. But with one shot -- the script has been flipped.

After four bounces, the ball mercilessly drops in the net for the first buzzer beater in a game seven -- making NBA history.

That wasn't suppose to happen for us. It would sound more believable if the ball bounced from their rim and all the way into our net, followed by a panoramic view of fans crying in disbelief at the square.

This may be our second trip to the ECF but this euphoria is unfamiliar and unexpected for Canadian basketball fans. However, it's time to shake the cynicism off. We have re-branded, lifting a curse that has followed us since our existence.

Widely-considered the greatest moment in Canadian pro sport since 1993, six months after my birth (not a coincidence), when Joe Carter hit the walk-off home run for our second consecutive World Series title.

Other experts compare it's significance to the Gilmour wrap around in double OT of the Western Conference finals in 1993, a month after my birth (also not a coincidence).

Not everyone is the chosen one, being born a winner comes with great responsibility. And as fan and diesel blogger, it was up to me to steer this ship to the promise land.

I failed miserably at doing so with the Leafs. I didn't follow protocol with my superstitions and I watched every home game in a suite surrounded by suits. I sold out.

I wasn't going to experience game seven like that again. It was time to shake things up. Go back to my roots and humble beginnings. If I was going to take this team to uncharted territories, I needed to be apart of the most authentic type of fandom available in the city. It was time for me to pop my Jurassic park cherry.

My Record In Jurassic Park: 5-2

Am I here to say that I am solely responsible for this playoff breakthrough? Of course not, I share half the credit with Kawhi. But certain fans carry a greater power over the outcome of these games.

Drake is aware of his influence on the outcome of these games and reverse-mushed the 76ers.

With fans playing pivotal parts in the most important game of Canadian basketball history, we were rewarded with this moment that is now etched in the NBA record books.

But more importantly, we got to witness one of the largest loudmouths in pro sport uncontrollably cry, after taunting the crowd and players all series. Personally, I don't like to see anyone suffer the way I saw Joel Embiid did when he took this loss. But there's something very alluring about watching a seven-footer sob like a seven year old.

Kawhi me a River, Joel.

Now considered "The Shot," this has an impact on our city and future of basketball that's far more important than we can even fathom. Whether it helps our sales pitch to re-sign The Klaw or not, children will be re-enacting this shot in their driveway for years, while I will now yell "Kawhi" before sinking every ball at the beer pong table.

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