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The Raptors Are Gasol Lin

From Vinsanity to Linsanity. Less than a week after completing their Big 3, the Raptors sign Jeremy Lin. This acquisition makes the Raptors the deepest team in the league. To those who underestimate what this pickup means, here's Jeremy Lin playing in Toronto for the first time since the birth of Linsanity back in 2012.

Hearing the home crowd hit the decibels of Woodstock for an opponent hitting a game-winner is not only unfathomable but it's unacceptable. However, it was expected from the large, loyal, Chinese community that resides in Toronto.

No one has ever created the frenzy and buzz in a short time like Lin did in 2012. That February and March he had the highest-selling NBA jersey -- and for the year, his jersey and memorabilia was on the front of all New York Knick's merchandise displays, while Melo's and Stoudemire's jerseys took a backseat in the clearance racks.

To summarize his legacy; he has been on the cover of Time Magazine as many times as MJ, back-to-back Sports Illustrated covers, and he increased China's NBA viewership by nearly 40% during the Linsanity era.

Highly considered the most influential Chinese American, Jeremy had thousands of kids put down the stethoscope and pick up a basketball in pursuit of their hoop dreams. His arrival in Toronto will resurrect Linsanity -- even if it's from the bench. He may not be able to hit those jersey sale numbers like in New York, but that's only because the black market (Pacific Mall) will taint those numbers.

Lin has always been a Raptor killer. He will be able to feed off the Toronto crowd similar to Gasol who made his home debut Monday night with the Raps.

If you thought the crowd erupted for Marc's debut, wait till you see Lins.

At some point though, Toronto may get in trouble for using it's diversity to tamper free agents. We've had Masai Ujiri use his African roots to continuously find (blood)diamonds in the rough out in Africa, such as Pascal Siakam -- and last year, we had all of Danfourth greet the Greek Freak after his game in Toronto.

Now Agincourt is planning the homecoming parade for Jeremy Lin. But it's not just the GTA's Asian community oozing with excitement. His fan base is as diverse as his new home. As a prolific YouTuber -- and with YouTube being banned in China, Lin has expanded his fan base with over 400 000 subscribers, connecting with them online through a mutual love for video games.

But most Importantly; he is the common man. Jeremy has rejected millions of dollars through endorsements he did not believe in. Linsanity is not a sell out.

Other than his two shoe deals with Nike and Adidas, the only other brand he has ever endorsed is Volvo....

Likely the first athlete or anyone relatively cool to promote the Swedish automotive brand, but a true testament to his humbleness and values.

Although Jeremy can't officially sign till Wednesday, he couldn't contain his excitement Tuesday evening and made the announcement through a photo shopped Insta post.

If someone told me in 2013/2014 that Kawhi Leonard, Marc Gasol, Jeremy Lin and Serge Ibaka would be on the Raptors, I'd tell them to turn off their Xbox. A few may not have as much pep in their step now, but this team is the most polished we've ever had.

Within the week, essentially, we have swapped out Delon, JV and Cj Miles for Lin, Gasol and Malcom Miller -- significant upgrade; and with the recent injury of Freddy VanVleet, the arrival of Linsanity couldn't come at a better time.

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