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Golden State Of Emergency

As the wildfires continue to blaze right through Northern California (thoughts and prayers), SoCal is starting to feel the heat. But more specifically; the Bay Area.

To say the Warriors are imploding may be a reach, but that's how you react when arguably the best team in NBA history encounters this internal issue. According to ESPN, this has been a simmering issue for months. However, Monday's loss against LA Clippers is when the rest of the world caught wind of this news.

We may not be able to hear what is being said to one another but the body language of the back-to-back champions speaks volumes here. As seen in the footage, Draymond clearly steals a rebound from KD and rushes down the court in the dying seconds of a tied game, only to turn the ball over. Durant can be seen clapping his hands for the ball and the final shot throughout the entire play. Unfortunately for Golden State, the former defensive player of the year thought he had a better chance to seal the game than the best scorer in the NBA.

Throughout the scuffle, Green can be heard calling Durant a bitch repeatedly and brought up Durant's impending free-agency this coming summer. With rumours and billboards circulating NYC that Durant is headed to the Big Apple next year, Draymond felt this was an appropriate time to bring up his concerns. Especially since he played a pivotal part in the Warriors acquiring Durant, after Green single-handedly lost the 2016 playoffs when he sacked LeBron. Now in Draymond's defense, if I have the opportunity to sack LeBron or win an NBA championship, I would have as many NBA championships as I do now.

Favourite part about this video; Boogie Cousins mediating the two. You know your team has hit rock bottom when the biggest cancer in pro sport is now playing peacemaker.

Afterwards, KD was caught mouthing a few words that may show Green wasn't completely inaccurate.

You just hate to see that.

We all said before, there's no way all these egos will be able to work together. And now, two years later after two championships, we were finally right.

This escalated into the locker room after the game, where staff and players were forced to intervene. Of course nothing physical, but Isiah Thomas did offer a solution to NBA teams that encounter similar tensions.

However, KD would likely have to put together a super team to win this battle, too.

On Tuesday night, the Warriors decided to suspend Dray without pay for detrimental conduct to the team, clearly showing where their loyalty lies. This act cost green 120k and a night off against a struggling ATL, where the Warriors narrowly got the win.

Firstly, Green has called everyone and anyone a bitch. Very questionable to suspend a pro athlete for using the b-word, when you would be hard-pressed to find a principal who would suspend a student for that. All in all; kind of a bitch move.

Many fans have come to Durant's aid via social media to console him after getting bullied by his teammate. But I am convinced all these accounts are more of his burner accounts that didn't get caught two summers ago.

If you're going to operate burner accounts, don't come at your haters so passionately and personally. But more importantly, don't forget which account you are logged on to when they come at ya.


But there has been some progression. This summer he decided he isn't going to hide behind @Rparks33633689 any longer, and he's going to fight with high-school pukes from his own account.

Then, rather than playing it cool with a semi-funny comment, KD took his sensitivity to the DMs.

I hate to rehash these cringeworthy screen grabs from summer. But this is exactly why the NBA is the most petty and entertaining league in all of pro-sports.

Can you imagine being one of the best players to ever play the game of basketball and having skin so thin that you are offended from what children think of you?

With the Raps currently sitting in first place league-wide, this fiasco couldn't come at a better time.

As for the 2014 MVP, sticks and stones, Kev.

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