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6ix Strong

On Monday, Canada witnessed another dark day in what has been a tragic month. I prefer to keep content on social media light because the internet has a tendency to be depressing, however, this dark month Canada has experienced has made that difficult. As of Tuesday morning, Canada lost 10 more beautiful souls in an unexpected, unprovoked attack involving a rental van.

Although these moments are truly devastating and heart-breaking, they have a way to show how strong and supportive a community can be - especially in sport.

On Monday night, the city of Toronto responded in the most perfect, Canadian way-- we are sad but we are never scared.

Hockey and sport has always been my escape and last night the Toronto Maple Leafs served as a getaway for a lot of Torontonians. Even under terrifying circumstances, where the city was unaware of the motives of the attack, or if this was terror related and unsure if we should prepare for any other dangers. The city responded perfectly, keep on keeping on.

Even the villain of Toronto, Brad Marchand, expressed his support for the Toronto crowd. Because despite all the heckling, these kind of moments go way beyond hockey.

Before the game, it was extremely hard to imagine this playoff party continue when the city is in sorrow and in lock down. But the perfect things were said by both teams, and thanks to our hero's off the ice and the emergency responders, the show went on.

This series has consistently reminded me of the Mighty Ducks 2, where the Ducks go up against Iceland. A much stronger, faster, more experienced team with a bit of a David Vs Goliath theme to it. And much like the Ducks, the Leafs have the heart, coaching and support cast to make what seemed like the impossible, possible. Of course, with these underdog situations there is always a consistent subject, strong goaltending.

The Ducks relied heavily on Julie "The Cat" Gaffney, who stole the show at The Junior Goodwill Games, much like Freddy stole his second game of the series Monday night and was the sole reason Leafs are heading to game 7.

Unfortunately, the Buds carry a bad omen with them going into a game 7 against the Bruins. Like most Leaf fans, I have tried to erase the memory of blowing a 4-1 lead in game 7 to the Bruins back in 2013. Ironically, in 2013, the city of Boston was coming off a similar tragedy Toronto experienced Monday, the Boston Marathon bombings. But the city of Boston came back stronger than before with a resurgence to prove that they were #BostonStrong and not going to let terrorism win. Or the Leafs. They ended up going to the Stanley Cup Finals that year and took Chicago to game 6.

Now, the Leafs and the city of Toronto look to replicate that strength in this series, as they did Monday night and look to repeat those actions Wednesday night at the TD Garden. In a series where the Leafs have been fighting with their backs to the ropes but are too stubborn and too hard-headed to go down.

Yes, Jack, we're going to Boston baby! and we're going there #TorontoStrong this time.

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