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Ginger Snaps & Finally Debunks Myth: They Do Have Souls

After Donte DiVincenzo's MOP performance coming off the bench, and carrying his team to the NCAA Championship, a decade-long debate has finally been put to rest, "gingers" do have souls, a whole lot of it. After generations of Hollywood depicting people of red hair either as the butt of all jokes or the bully, modern day auburn hair advocates are taking a stand and looking to re-brand.

But just as things were cooling off and we thought this hairisim has finally ended, Matt Parker and Trey Stone took this joke to a whole other level on November 9th, 2005, airing the episode "Ginger Kids," making the last decade unbearable for the lesser red head.

This episode not only sparked controversy, it created an unofficial holiday celebrated by teens across the globe "National Kick a Ginger Day."

Yet, in a world where sensitivity is at an all-time high, society has barely addressed the abuse and discrimination of the auburn heads. This has caused a regime of modern-day "gingers" to take a stand, and show the world that there is more to being a red head than bullying or being bullied. And what better way to capture the attention of a whole nation than taking over one of the major sport cities in the world, Philadelphia.

An operation like this is tedious and it took over a decade of hard work behind the scenes to start showing results now. 7 months after "Ginger Kids" aired, the City Of Brotherly Love had enough and took Claude Giroux 22nd overall in 2006 to begin the movement.

It wasn't till 2008-2009 that Giroux cracked a spot with Philly, becoming the face of the franchise and starting center in 2010, while leading the club in scoring that season. With the red head clearly earning the love of the city, it was time to implement step 2 of the movement. Philadelphia signs Toronto Blue Jays legend, Doc Halladay, for the 2010 season, sticking it to all blondes and brunettes.

Unfortunately, this wasn't enough to keep all victims of red head shaming happy, and some may have been kicked one too many times.

It was then, that Philadelphia realized we must execute step 3 and really break barriers. In the 2016 NFL draft, the Philadelphia Eagles selected Carson Wentz with the 2nd overall pick. The first auburn athlete to go in the top 3.

Carson was a primary factory in the Eagles Super Bowl-winning season in 2017, taking his team to an 11-2 record and becoming a heavy candidate for the NFL MVP race before his season ending injury.

With Nick Foles stealing the spotlight and overshadowing Wentz's incredible season in the playoffs, The Red Head Regime hit a bit of a standstill. You would think covering 3/4 major sports would be enough to stop the ridicule, and it probably was, but for safe measure Villanova University offered a scholarship to American-Italian, 4 star recruit, Donte DiVincenzo, to come play basketball in North Philadelphia.

He was the major cause for his team winning the NCAA championship Monday night and to sum up his record-breaking offensive performance in one tweet.

But the play of the game came from Donte's defensive abilities.

I think it's evident that this guy has a little more Donte in his game than DiVincenzo.

However, one google search of "Donte DiVincenzo" will show you how society and mainstream media has reacted to his FIERY performance.

Yes, before he was even able to cut the net down and celebrate, the media decided they were not going to allow a "Ginger" kid enjoy the greatest moment of his life. They dug up tweets from when he was 14 years old to put his immaturity on blast.

The media could not allow this homophobic, red headed, twitter menace a chance at glory because of tweets that most likely were written by others.

Donte does the unthinkable, breaking records off the bench and carries his team to a championship and these are the headlines that surface the next day? Red head shaming at it's finest.

Well, ESPN, Daily Mail and all the other mainstream media outlets. Cooper and I have a message for you.

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