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Pittsburgh Steelers Actively Recruit Lebron

Tuesday afternoon at 3:00 p.m, Ju Ju Smith announced his "official campaign" to get Lebron James in pads with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the 2018 NFL season. According to Smith, this move would solidify his legacy as the greatest athlete of all time.

As stated above, this was an "official campaign" launch and in order to be official, you must have other prominent advocates supporting your cause. Cue 3x pro bowler, and Steeler's star running back, Le'Veon Bell, to become the latest ambassador.

With many wondering what Lebron will do this off season besides leave Cleveland for the 2nd time, this has to be the most delusional/amusing attempt at signing the NBA superstar. Sure, James was a multi-sport athlete in High-School, lettering in both football and basketball, with football scholarship offers from household programs, such as Notre Dame. But lets get real, Lebron continuously gets bodied by dudes built like pencils in the NBA and Notre Dame has a history of signing charity cases anyways.

And whether James is flopping like he has been accused throughout his entire career, or if these are genuine acts of weakness. This type of player wouldn't make it pass the coin toss of an NFL game.

I still can't fathom how Kobe won an Oscar before this guy. With that being said, congrats to The Mamba on the new hardware.

MJ took a hiatus from the NBA to pursue his professional baseball career, all while defeating the MonStars and saving all the Looney Tunes. So if Lebron wants to end this debate once and for all, maybe he should consider playing in the NFL for a Super Bowl in his early 30's. With James making a reported 33.2 m a year with the Cavs, he would have to take about 2/3 of a pay cut if he signs with the Steelers. However, that price is if Pittsburgh decided to pay him the equivalent of their highest paid player, Le'Veon Bell, at just over 12 m. This kind of sacrifice would certainly establish James as the GOAT. Although, it's unlikely "The King" is that selfless.

Granted, Lebron has had success with the "sexy" events of the NFL combine. Holding a reported 44 inch vertical and has self proclaimed to have run the 40 yard dash in 4.6 seconds. But we can never forget these kind of moments, the moments that separate the elite modern day basketball players from pretty much any other athlete.

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