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J.R Smith Serves Assistant Coach The Soup Du Jour

J.R Smith was suspended for Thursday's 108-97 loss to Philadelphia 76ers for detrimental conduct. Sources revealed Friday morning that detrimental conduct is a professional way to say threw soup at his Assistant Coach, Damon Jones.

J.R is certainly no stranger to trouble, but no one would have ever guessed this was why he was suspended. With several driving charges, and a much bigger threat on the road than on the court, you would think this trouble was related to his massive, luxurious car collection.

But nope. Sources say this incident has now evened out his driving suspension /NBA suspension ratio. However, it is still unclear what kind of soup was thrown at the Assistant Coach and what initiated this behavior. But knowing Smith, he took this shot with at least two dudes covering him and he likely missed anyways.

Unlike the bowl of soup, Smith's play has been cold this year with the Cavs. With a career low in all major stats, since his second year in the association. J.R is still a crucial part of the Cavs rotation, but he has definitely seen his role dwindle. Although, Smith has never let the stat sheet get in the way of a good time.

With flashes of excellence (Game 6 2016 NBA Finals), he has earned a little bit of room for error. But he was once the best option in the NBA off the bench and now he just remains a walking TMZ report.

J.R has clearly been frustrated this season, but confidence has never been an issue for Swish. He is notorious for taking outrageous shots on and off the court.

And during his stint in New York he had a fling with Rihanna, who must have fell hard for the Cav's guard because once there was trouble in paradise, she put him on blast for all of the internet.

But J.R's PR skills were too strong to let that slide.

The bad gyal and one of the most controversial players in the NBA was so perfect and so terrible in so many ways.

The suspension came with a fine and this stunt costed Swish just south of six figures at $94, 897. Which has to make this the most expensive bowl of soup in history and further frustrates me not knowing what kind of soup this was.

At least this most recent suspension resurrected the infamous J.R Smith meme.

Players like J.R always bounce back from these kind of slumps and he will be returning from suspension as starting shooting guard this Saturday against Denver. So the balls in your court Swish.

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