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Babes, Beers, And Bravado Back For One Night

On Monday night, the Raw 25th anniversary aired and I couldn't allow myself to not pay homage to it. The WWE was 80% responsible for my upbringing, mainly during the Attitude Era (1997-2002). It was must-see TV every Monday and Thursday night and was oozing with bravado, babes, beer, and blood. This was when the WWE was dominating TV ratings and Monday Night Football was nothing but an afterthought.

There was enough nostalgia to go around last night, able to fill up two venues in New York City. There was a plethora of star power that could have been used a little better, however the sheer presence of these wrestling icons was enough to tune in for one night.

The night kicked off perfectly. Vince McMahon strutted his way down to the ring to insult the Brookyln crowd and get everyone worked up, followed by the sounds of glass breaking as Stone Cold Steve Austin came out to the ring to go off on a stunning spree to the McMahon family. It was so predictable but the fans still ate it up.

No one may be able to sell a stunner like The Rock, but Shane O' Mac is certainly a close second. As seen below, he gets completely stunned and perfectly horizontal, as he spits his Miller Lite out.

This probably set the bar too high for the night. But it was followed up with what got me hooked on the WWE in the first place, the WWE Divas. As women continue to break barriers in this world, the WWE follows the trend. To build hype for the first ever woman Royal Rumble this Sunday, the Divas had a 4 on 4 tag team match. It kicked off with an all out brawl that even legendary referee Earl Hebner wouldn't have been able to contain.

Up next, The Undertaker's return. The Undertaker wrestled in the first ever episode of Raw 25 years ago, and made his appearance at the other New York venue, the Manhattan Center, last night. This raised a lot of question marks since he never really retired from wrestling yet. But it shouldn't be surprising to anyone if they see him return, since age isn't an issue for a man who has already been dead for decades and is impervious to pain.

My favourite part of this special night was the Manhattan Center designing the venue just like the original set of Raw 25 years ago.

After this was a couple of boring match-ups with modern day wrestlers. But fighting through that was worth it. Because afterwards, came out the WWE Divas of the past but more importantly the beloved Trish Stratus, who never failed to leave all of the audience 100% stratusfied.

I think these girls all have the same condition as Jennifer Aniston, where they keep getting more hot as they age. Welcome back ladies!

Next, the Godfather is back and this time without his signature hoe train or any "hoes" for that matter. He is seen backstage having a conversation with Mark Henry, aka Sexual Chocolate, aka The Worlds Strongest man. And no that is not one of the Godfather's "hoes" he is introducing to Mark, it is his wife! The Godfather is now settled down and a married man! Times have sure changed.

What is vintage wrestling without The Dudley Boyz sending someone through a table though? Long before Bills Mafia made a name for themselves, sending women and men of all ages through folding tables, The Dudley Boyz were doing it. The hardcore, tag team, tandem, sent Slater through a table with Booker T doing the commentary. However, Booker was more worried for his friend Devon Dudley who may have not aged as well as the other wrestlers, saying " Oh, D-von be careful, you've put on some pounds." during this tag team bout.

Now the grand finale, D Generation X arrives. The Game and Shawn Michaels share some of their favourite Raw memories, while Triple H reminds his promiscuous partner that the show is now rated PG and to stay away from the lewd tales.

Show me a group more charismatic and I'll show you a liar. Sure, X-pac can barely contain his barrel in the camo pants, and Billy Gunn is losing the locks that once made him "The Ass Man" but their contribution to wrestling and influence on children of the 90s will forever be unmatched... much to the dismay of mothers everywhere.

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