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Ja Rule and 50 Cent G-Unite

Bust out the du-rags and XXL polos because the 50 cent Ja Rule beef that is old enough to drive a car is back on like it's 2001 again. Ja Rule took to twitter Friday morning to re spark one of the greatest beefs in hip hop history.

Other than Ja Rule pulling one of the biggest hustles in music with his very controversial Fyre Festival last year, he has been fairly irrelevant since his days of squabbling with Fiddy in the early 2000's. However, this was not a gimmick to bring his name back in the hip hop game. During an appearance on an LA radio show, Curtis Jackson resurrected this feud saying he would put Ja Rule to bed if he saw him nowadays.

Fiddy is a mogul with several business ventures. So, perhaps this was a brilliant marketing tactic to further promote his new movie Den of Thieves that premiered the day of JR's tweet. Either way, the internet absolutely erupted and this took many hip hop fans on a trip down memory lane.

Ja Rule was absolutely choked and has had twitter fingers all weekend long, filling his timeline with a series of profane tweets, calling out the man who was once shot 9 TIMES!

I thought I accidentally signed into Myspace Friday morning when I saw this. For those who weren't as hip and are unfamiliar with this dispute, it dates back to the late 90s-early 2000s. The beef began when Fif allegedly stole jewellery from his Queen's counterpart, which then launched a feud filled with diss tracks and parking lot brawls.

Like most people, I have been a member of Team G-Unit throughout this entire conflict. Although, at one point Jeffery "Ja Rule" Atkins almost had me when he had the chance to fornicate with two beautiful latinas in the Hollywood blockbuster Fast and the Furious. Unfortunately for Ja, he was up against street racing legends Bryan Earl Spilner (RIP Paul Walker) and Dominic Toretto and the only way he was going to lie with the latinas was if he won.

Coming out a loser in more ways than one didn't sit well with the rapper and he turned down a star role in the film's sequel for a lot more money. Ultimately missing out on one of the most lucrative movie franchises in the history of Hollywood. This decision changed the life of another veteran rapper and a Grammy award winner, Ludacris, who ended up with that role.

The opposite happened with Curtis Jackson who went on to star in movies, video games and received his own record label G-Unit Records during the peak of his squabble with Ja.

To witness this vintage feud again was refreshing and the nostalgia was real. The rap beefs in those days were authentic and entertaining and so was the music. With a lot of Hip Hop now being dominated by mumble rappers, many fans would get excited at just the thought of Ja Rule dropping a single these days. With Jeffery Atkins relevant for the weekend, at a time where pop culture moves on faster than ever before, maybe he should use this time to revive both his career and the rap game with a diss track to Fiddy for good ol times sake. But until then...

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