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Money And The Notorious Go Extra Rounds

On Wednesday, Floyd Mayweather went to social media to throw some more shots at Connor McGregor. Referencing previous rumors about The Notorious allegedly knocking out an Irish Cartel member.

This cartel gossip originally surfaced back in November but Mayweather couldn't think of a clever enough tweet 2 months ago. Waiting till 2018 allowed him to use the quick-witted, smutty, tweet he posted on Wednesday.

Now, If there is anyone in the world who thinks they can take on the Irish Cartel it is certainly Connor Mcgregor. For those as confused as I am, I think the Irish Cartel is the same thing as the Irish Mob and they are just looking to re-brand. The Irish Mob may not have as nice of hair, or clothes, or food as the Italian Mob, and may not be as notorious or affluent, but if there is one thing Martin Scorsese's The Departed showed us, it is that they are equally as dangerous.

The Notorious then responded in tongue in cheek fashion, saying "I am the cartel."

This isn't their first social media exchange since the 10 round Money Fight back in August. In December, McGregor tweeted at him calling him a "P*ssy" when Mayweather denied getting into the Octagon to fight. The Notorious getting into a bar fight in Ireland with a family member of the Irish Mob is semi believable. But when you say they have a €900 000 bounty on his head, that's where you lose me. No one in Ireland would ever give any leads on this bounty because everyone knows Connor is the greatest Irish export since the potato spud. That kind of bounty for something as minor as a bar fight would be absurd. Especially since the Irish settle 90% of arguments with bare knuckle boxing in the basement of a bar (hence the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.)

Mayweather definitely should have done some research before making such an outrageous, public, claim. For those still concerned about McGregor's well-being, I wouldn't worry too much. Famous Irish Mobster, Daniel Kinahan, couldn't help but chime in on the gossip in McGregor's defense putting all rumors to rest. Mayweather will verbally joust with anyone, however he's picking his battles wisely this time and has not responded since.

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