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Money Manziel Playing In Canada?

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Hours after Johnny Football posted a photo of himself with the caption "Just wait on it #ComebackSZN." Sources came out Sunday afternoon saying the Hamilton Tigers have given a competitive offer to the former Heisman Trophy winner. Now, all of Canada couldn't be more excited. This news came after Manziel decided to completely cut ties with his former NFL team, the 0-16, Cleveland Browns, through an insta post. (Which may be deleted now but screenshots live forever.)

manziel insta post

Johnny Football hasn't played a single down of football in over 2 years, primarily due to substance abuse issues and an alleged domestic violence case with his ex girlfriend Colleen Crowley. But as everyone knows, Canadians are forgiving and open-minded and Canada just may be the perfect place for Money Manziel to re-surge his career.

Since his final year of college football in 2013, he has developed one of the most interesting downfalls in sport. In his first season, during the Brown's bye week in week 11, Manziel was issued major warnings to not do anything stupid or embarrassing to the organization during the break. Unfortunately, Johnny Football had severe FOMO and flew back to his hometown Austin, Texas to party hard, back to back nights with his hometown boys. Obviously, when Money Manziel is back home, you take pictures and videos or everyone knows it never happened. Well, videos surfaced real quick of Johnny given'r. However, this didn't surprise the Browns enough to punish him and they were willing to put this stunt behind them. So, Johnny doubled down. In the final week of the NFL season, he was spotted in Las Vegas with a disguise that wouldn't even get you a second sample in Costco. The reason behind the disguise was to stay completely off the grid. He needed to buy more time till he can return to Cleveland and pretend he was at home supporting his Browns, as he sat out the final game of the season with "concussion symptoms." He dodged all phone calls from friends and Cleveland staff for those 72 hours, then tweeted a photo of himself watching the Browns with his dog at home to cover up his tracks. That being said, I truly appreciate how he had an alibi photo just in case he ever encountered this situation.

After a rookie season with outstanding performance off the field and less than average performance on the field, Johnny was on thin ice going into his sophomore year. Manziel was left with no other option than to move to the suburbs, have a cup of coffee in rehab and reduce the drinking if he was going to stick around on the Browns. Although, I was under the impression that after rehab you need to come out rehabilitated and eliminate drinking. But this is Johnny Football and we are going to keep expectations realistic. Week 1, season opener against the Jets, Johnny saves the day coming off the bench for a concussed Josh McCown and earns the Browns their first W in 10 months. The following week, after Manziel's heroics, he learned he would still be coming off the bench to Josh McCown. This was the tipping point for Johnny Football. Later that season, the Heisman-winner was accused of domestic violence, which ultimately led to his current unemployment status.

Now, CFL fans are salivating at the chance that Johnny Football may be taking his talents to the North. Head Coach of Hamilton, June Jones said "He would be the best player to ever play in Canada." Although, I don't think anyone is more excited than Drake, who has sparked one of the most powerful bromances with Money Manziel, since his final year of College. Drizzy even dropped a single dedicated to the quarterback called "Draft Day." Manziel returned the favor and used that single as his walk up song, when he got taken in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. Not to mention, way back when, Johnny Football decided to permanently express his love and loyalty to big brother Drake and tattoo OVO to his wrist.

manziel ovo

These two show love to one another consistently through social media and Johnny even considers Toronto his home away from home.

Manziel's home

Johnny Football is putting his past behind him and a changed man, looking to take a serious run at football. Possibly with his big brother Drake by his side. Manziel got engaged this year, less than a year after his previous troubled relationship, to further prove his maturity. And everyone knows that a married man is much more tame and behaved than a bachelor on the prowl. Now, with Drizzy having your back just a short 45 minute drive away, maybe Hamilton is the perfect place for Johnny Football's #ComebackSZN.

Conveniently enough, Hamilton traded their previous starting quarterback Zach Collaros earlier last week to make room for this potential signing. Whether Manziel can play at the highest level of football or not, it is clear he puts fans in the seats. Twelve hours after Cleveland drafted him in 2014, they sold over 1,500 season tickets and he led the league in jersey sales for the month of July. With the CFL struggling in popularity and Johnny Football struggling for employment, this seems like a match made in heaven. I know most Canadians are currently sharing the same mood Money Manziel is right now.

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