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Bills Mafia, The Barbaric Humanitarians

When Bills Mafia isn’t setting themselves on fire, jumping through tables and taking public pisses, they are performing heart-warming, philanthropic acts. As a thank you to Andy Dalton’s late game heroics against Baltimore, the Bills Mafia have taken a break from consensually, power bombing chicks through folding tables, to donate over $150 000 to charity for children. As of Tuesday evening Dalton said the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation had received 7,000 donations from Bills fans, totaling more than $170,000.

Despite the Buffalo Bills experiencing a 17 year playoff drought aka the longest playoff drought in the 4 major professional leagues, they remain undefeated in tailgates and hands down have the best fan base in all of sports and it's finally paying off. Beating the odds they have now entered the playoff dance. Sure, it may be short lived against Jacksonville but I certainly would be terrified playing a team with this kind of support and chip on their shoulder. Bills Mafia is the ultimate fan base. They forgive and forget just like they did with Andy Dalton’s week 5, 77 yard TD pass resulting in a Bills 20-16 loss. They show how grateful they are by donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity to the man semi responsible for their playoff berth. But most importantly they don’t sweat the small things like the biggest playoff drought in pro sport and have more fun than anybody else watching their favourite team either lose or win (but probably lose.) So, if you’re still looking for an NFL team to cheer for every Sunday like I once was.. I think the choice is very obvious.

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