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From Compton Crip Ties To NBA Record Holder

I know the title has click bait written all over it, however the video posted here will clearly show you Demar Derozan’s gang ties.

Sure, Deebo wasn’t gang banging and peddling drugs on Skidrow, but it’s clear he is associated with the infamous Compton Crips. The Toronto Raptor’s guard became the first person ever to score 50 points on New Year’s Day. Derozan achieved this feat while making Raptor’s history, with most points scored in a single game at 52, eclipsing the previous marks set by Terrence Ross (2014) and Vince Carter (2000) in the dying seconds of an OT thriller vs conference rivals, Milwaukee Bucks. But it wasn’t just Demar who enjoyed success, as the Raptor’s got their 12th consecutive home victory in front of an electric crowd at the ACC. A feat that matches their current franchise record. Chants of “MVP” started to erupt throughout the crowd towards the end of the game every time Derozan touched the ball. Although, this may be a bit of a stretch considering the strong seasons from other superstars. However, every time Deebo scores 25 or more, the Raptors are 18-2 this season, making it evident that the Raptor’s guard is one of the most underrated player’s in the Association. Derozan, who is an elite mid-range shooter, has received a lot of flak throughout his career for being a poor three-point shooter. But it seems he is putting all that to rest this season, as he continues the trend of strong three-point shooting, hitting 5 from distance on New Year’s Day.

Even future Hall of Famer and current Head Coach of Milwaukee, Jason Kidd, couldn’t help but give praise to Demar. In a post-game interview with the press, Kidd said “He’s dangerous every time he puts on a uniform. Now to be able to expand his range beyond the three-point line just makes the game easier for him”

All this New Year success for Deebo comes less than 2 weeks after he got a career high 45 points against Philadelphia. With the Raptor’s guard really heating up lately, averaging 52 points a game in 2018, maybe it’s time for the rest of the NBA and fans to stop sleeping on him. Or he just may crip walk all over your favourite team and right to the NBA finals this year.

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